Ellaura Shoop


21 year old Grove City author, Ellaura Shoop, returns to Mr. Bookman after the release of the second book in her series called The Meer.

She will be reading stories from her book at Storytime, beginning at 10:30 am. From 11am- 3pm she will be available for book signing and purchases.


"This thrilling anthology will explore the many adventures and tragedies of the meer families as they are pitted against one another in a struggle for survival. Experience how the meer families came to be in three serials from the past and then get a glimpse into the heart of every family as they are today. Follow a devious cobra as he plots against his closest friends, a brave meerkat who is determined to have justice for his fractured family, a loyal owl who is prepared to fight for peace, a cunning jackal who dreams of nothing but power, and so many others in this collection of short stories."